Classic Gold Ball Chain Necklace


It’s so great that this necklace is available in gold! The classic “Dog Tag” style ball chain makes a fantastic layering piece. Mixed metals are really popular today and add such versatility to our every day fashion. A two-toned coin makes a perfect charm for this necklace!

The ball chain is 18k gold-filled, which is the absolute best alternative to gold, not to mention, a great price. GF requires 5% real gold to be bonded onto a base metal. It’s superior to plating, which is basically a film that will scratch right away. Gold-filled is durable and with proper care, it will last up to 30 years!

Sometimes the color can be tricky with gold-filled products. I've gotten some that were too gold and fake-looking. That’s why I’m particularly excited about these chains. They are gorgeous! They literally look like 14k gold chains. They have a pretty lobster closure with an Italian-style detail. Oh, and the jump rings are soldered, making them super secure. I am very proud to represent these in my shop.


Special Notes:  The outside diameter of the jump ring is 4mm. If you add a pendant from your collection, the bail has to fit over the ring.  Most bails are bigger, so it shouldn’t be an issue. We can chat if you want to reach out.  An enhancer bypasses the ring issue as well

Materials: 18k Gold-filled

Size: Thickness, 2mm; Length, 16, 18 & 20”

Collections: Coins and Necklaces, Gold-filled









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2mm 16", 2mm 18", 3mm 18", 3mm 20"