Gold Bronze Moon Goddess Earrings


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Our Moon Goddesses are definitely one of the favorites! Gold Bronze is solid and will last a lifetime. It shines just like gold! While the copper content can dull with humidity, with just a simple swipe with a polishing cloth, they flash like solid gold! Besides, we’ve got you! A polishing cloth is included with your purchase. Gold Bronze is amazing!  

“The Fertility Goddess or Moon Goddess is such a positive symbol in life. She is the giver and creator of all life, from humans to the land we walk. She oversees the growth of children and earth, and is evoked for harvests and rains. Her presence is perfect for soon-to-be and new mothers, and is a wonderful reminder of the beauty of life.”

We finished them with a gold-filled French wire, which will not tarnish for up to 30 years with proper care.\ It is the perfect complement for these precious, golden goddesses. And as mentioned before, they are also available in Sterling Silver! Best of both worlds!

Materials: Gold Bronze; Gold-Filled wires

Size: 43mm x 10mm, to top of loop

Collection: Earrings, Gold Filled