Dancing Circles Earrings


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These handmade shiny dangles are so carefree and fun, with a two-toned finish that goes with everything!  The outer circle is just about 20mm (3/4"), which makes it the perfect size for a casual earring. Oh, and very lightweight!

The silver ring is textured and polished, catching the light with every move. The artistic indentations are not as dark as they appear in the pictures. As a matter of fact, this pair is super bright and dazzling!

The slightly-domed and textured disk is gold-filled, which means it will be beautiful for 10-30 years with care. Gold-filled is the next best choice to solid gold at a fraction of the cost.  Unlike plating, GF doesn't scratch the minute you take them home. The classic French wire is also gold-filled, giving you solid, quality earrings that will last a very, very long time.

One-of-a-kind, thoughtful and detailed designs by Rita Kay Jewelry.

Material: Sterling silver, Gold-filled

Size: 25mm to top of loop; Silver ring, 20mm; 20g French wire

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