5 Shekel Israeli Coin


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If you know me at all, you understand I’m ALL about the coins! And this Israeli coin is so special. It’s actually called 5 New Sheqalim. And I learned a new word, “dodecagonal.”  12-sided!

This authentic Israeli coin has such a cool design with the Ionic Capital of Column and the Emblem of Israel, depicted with a temple menorah surrounded by an olive branch on each side. Fun stuff!!! 

This pendant is set in a handcrafted silver prong bezel. The bezel is textured to add an “Old World” vibe.

I also love to add an overlay in diamonds if I have just the perfect one! In this case, a pave diamond Star of David adorns the coin. Ah, a match made in heaven.  

Both chain and diamond charms are sold separately for $129 each. Please contact for details and discounted bundle pricing.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Copper-Nickel Coin

Size: 27mm diameter, 33mm top of loop