Selene Moon Goddess Ring


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This Greek ring a such special piece for coin lovers! A 1960 20 Drachma, hand set in a textured sterling silver bezel, burnished and mounted on a triple shank band for comfort. It is stamped .925. Finally, since the coin is actually SILVER, we’ve given it a bright polish.  

That brief description makes all the hours put into this ring seem so simple! However, it truly was a labor of love. And the best part is its size! It’s so big! The inspiration was a super cool chick on the show Offspring from Australia. Billie is a fashion influencer!  

The obverse of this stunning coin is Paul, 1 with a left-facing profile.  

The “reverse” of this Drachma depicts…drum roll… Selene. She is a Titan goddess who is the goddess of the moon. She would drive her chariot in the night sky while pulling the moon. She was known for her personification of life's constant changes.  

Now that’s powerful. A favorite hash tag for RKJ is #womenwhocreate Wow!!! No wonder we are drawn to Selene!

Special Notes: 100% Handmade

Materials: Sterling silver ring (.925); Silver coin (.835)

Size: 8.25 (refer to pic), 27mm diameter

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