RKJ Statement Necklace


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We are continually amazed at the impact you can get when layering some really great pieces.  And the two-tone metal “look” is really trending and so beautifully bold.  

The Stainless Curb Chain is 18” long with 7 x 10 links. It is finished with a 15mm GF (gold-filled) Sailor’s Clasp. The combination is striking, especially when finished with a gold medallion or silver medallion!

Additionally, for the first time ever, we’ve included an authentic, two-tone, 1 Real Brazilian coin with the necklace, ladies! Have you been to Rio? It’s magical! And the gold is spot on with the clasp! We have a friend who works for the State Department who gathers coins for us as he travels the world! So, so lucky!!!

Oh, and yep, you can change pendants. So be sure to keep an eye on new and upcoming handmade coin pendants to add to your collection. Besides, you probably already have a beautiful charm or two of your own to create even more looks! Once you have the necklace, just build on it!

This is a true, timeless Statement Piece!

Necklace included pendant!

Size: Chain - 18” length, 7x10x2mm links; Pendant – 26mm 

Materials:  Chain - Stainless Steel, Gold-filled; Pendant – Brazilian Currency

Collections:  Coins & Necklaces, RKJ Signature