Powerful Gold Bronze Shiva Earrings


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Just look at these hand-cast, artisan amulets! Small, but very mighty. And the best part, they have awesome artwork ON BOTH SIDES!   

The Gold Bronze version flashes like solid gold! As a little twist from the Sterling Silver style, we’ve put these on a gold-filled v-shape wire. We love how this style of wire comes down in the back. No maintenance and sexy! While GB can tarnish with the elements, it’s solid bronze, will last a lifetime, it shines up with a simple swipe of a polishing cloth, which we include with every pair.  

So here’s the background…Shiva is one of the most important gods in the Hindu pantheon and is often referred to as the "destroyer," but in reality, it is he who destroys the impurities taking refuge in the human mind.

Wear these with peace of mind!!! The Shiva earrings are both unique and beautiful!

Materials: Gold Bronze

Size: Amulets, 12mm x 17mm; Total drop from top of wire, 36mm; Wire back, 34mm

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