London Blue Angel Wings


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The color combo of this checkerboard faceted topaz and the gold is outrageous! What a fun, emotional and unique pair of earrings. Because the gemstones are set in a gold-filled bezel, they are translucent and really show off all the angles in the topaz stones. Amazing!

We’ve paired the rich blue gemstone with an artisan Angel Wing. So much detail and texture that is only achieved through the “lost-wax” casting process. Another design by our artisan out in New Mexico! While they are cast in gold bronze, just a simple swipe of a tarnish or polishing cloth brightens them instantly. All gold bronze and silver purchases include a Sunshine polishing cloth. We’ve got you!

Brighten your day or evening with a pretty pair of angel wings!

Materials: Gold-filled earring wire and gemstone bezel and ring; Angel Wings is Gold Bronze

Size: Top of loop to bottom, 40mm; Topaz set in bezel, 9mm

Collections: Earrings, Gold Filled