Kiwi Necklace


This amazing 1980 twenty cent coin features the 2nd crowned portrait Queen Elizabeth II wearing the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara. Love that!!! 

The obverse has remarkable Maori carving! It was a reproduction of the specific carving of an 18th century Maori warrior leader called Pukaki. Ok, that’s cool! 

We’ve paired it with an oversized .925, soldered sterling ball chain. This chain is a very nice quality. This is a bold and trending look and great for layering. The bright silver chain holding this authentic, weathered coin is just priceless! A contrast for the ages.

You can take the coin off and wear the chain by itself or add any of your own charms…or ours! The pendant and chain can be purchased separately. Feel free to contact us!

Materials: Sterling Silver, New Zealand currency

Size: Chain, 18” w/ 3mm balls; New Zealand currency, 28mm

Collection: Coins & Necklaces

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Kiwi Coin ONLY, Kiwi Complete Necklace