Helmeted Athena Coin Necklace


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This coin! This 1 Drachme Greek coin, from the second Hellenic Period, has always been so entrancing for some reason. On the obverse is a helemeted Athena, left-facing.  The design is simple, yet so enticing! And 1926? This coin is ancient and has seen some history!

Even the Greek lettering on the other side makes a great conversation piece! The reverse is the denomination above the date, encircled by the words (translated) Greek Republic. Both sides are amazing! 

This unique coin is shown on one of our simple stainless chains. The rice and ball pattern is a great design, right? And the nice thing is, they are not only adorable, but affordable! RKJ offers both this style and the ball chain for only $29 when purchased separately. And we upgrade this chain with a convenient, oversized lobster clasp!!! 

However, we really adore this combo! We love how the longer chain makes this pendant necklace so easy to layer!

Materials: Stainless Steel; Greek currency 

Size: 1 Drachme, 27mm; Chain, 25” including clasp

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