Fire & Ice Earrings


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Published in 1920, Poet Robert Frost brought us “Fire and Ice.” So dramatic with discussion of the end of the world – YIKES!

Though, when I imagined these gemstone earrings, I wanted to create something emotional with a mismatched contrast of the deep red garnet and London blue topaz. The London blue is so rich in color and very difficult to capture in the pictures.

So, counter to Frost’s poem, in the name of all goddesses, we claim these goddess earrings to be protectors of the universe in perpetuity.  Here, here!

The sterling hoops are hand-fabricated and adorned with a handset gemstone at the center of a lovely goddess made by Pam Springall, a contemporary artist out of Santa Fe. These unique earrings are then finished with a handmade French wire.

Watch out for more goddesses in our lineup very soon!

Materials: Sterling silver, Garnet, London blue topaz

Size: 49mm, top of loop to bottom; 29mm hoop radius; 5mm gemstones; 20 gauge French wire

Collections: Earrings, Custom Jewelry, Handmade

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