Dainty Offset Cross Earrings


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On the days when you just want to grab something simple on your way out the door, but it has to be cute…go for these! They are dainty and have a wavy texture that shimmers! The hand-cast artisan crosses are simple, but very different with their offset design.

We’ve put these dainty gold crosses on gold-filled V-shape wires. You know, the kind that are longer in the back and look a bit, dare we say, sexy? They are secure, they are basically maintenance-free, and they are DARLING!

Special Notes: Humidity is not a friend to gold bronze. But we’ve got you! With just a simple swipe of a polishing cloth, the shine will instantly reappear. As a special gift, we include a polishing cloth with every pair! Best to keep your GB in either an airtight baggie or your jewelry box will do just fine!  

Materials: Gold bronze, Gold-filled

Size: Crosses, 9mm x 19mm; Wires, 17mm x 32mm (back), top to cross loop (front) 21mm

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