Citrine Circles


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This original, contemporary and abstract earring style has made its way to the top of our list when it comes to an easy, casually elegant post earring.

The first part of the handcrafted process is creating the textured and shaped back plate. Using different sizes of texture, this has become an RKJ standout! Because of the large disk, this signature style actually gives you somewhat of a rehabilitation for earlobes that have spent years with hanging wires. Something to consider….

The main thing, though, is how you will feel in these sparkly post earrings! The light pastel tone of the rose cut citrine gemstone is a bit “cooler” than the photos show. They are fresh like a summer’s day and are a perfect contrast to the bright silver. Very pretty stones.

Great care was taken to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Because we want this earring to lie flat against your lobe, we use a heavyweight, 7mm friction earring nut. They are high quality .925 sterling silver, then rhodium plated for shine.

These Citrine Circles are slow made for a lifetime of wear! Just polish with a cloth or use a soft toothbrush and a drop of hand soap for a little scrub-a-dub-dub from time to time. I also recommend a sonic jewelry cleaner. I’d be lost without mine 🙂

Such a bright, neutral color and what a unique, classy go-to for your own collection!


Materials: Sterling silver, Citrine gemstone

Size: Earring, 12mm; Citrine, 5mm; Ear nut, 7mm

Collections: Earrings, Custom Jewelry, Handmade

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