50 Centavos Story Teller Earrings


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I really, really loved making these earrings!  This pair is so special and all handcrafted in sterling silver. These authentic Mexican coins are set in flat prongs and embellished with one adorable silver ball.

The obverse of the coin shows the national emblem of Mexico, while the reverse shows the denomination and a partial border of the stylized designs from the Ring of Acceptance (Anillo de la Aceptación; a representation of the god’s acceptance of sacrifice) on the Aztec calendar. While I typically display the obverse of a coin, in this case I just adore the art in the denomination side of these particular coins. It's like Art Deco meets Aztec!  And the wreath under the numbers is so artsy. It's just personal taste, and I can simply reverse the side, if you prefer. Easy to do!

What a rare and unique, one-of-a-kind pair of artifact earrings for your collection. They are timeless storytellers for a lifetime of beauty and conversation!

Materials: Sterling silver, Stainless steel (coins)

Size: Coin 17mm, Loop to Ball, 26mm

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